“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Ken Blanchard

December 11, 2022

We are committed to establishing a five-year strategic plan for the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District that will detail a vision, goals, and objectives that will define the District’s intended direction. The plan will prioritize efforts, allocate resources, align the community and District, and ensure organizational goals are backed by data and sound reasoning. Strategic direction will be developed from stakeholder feedback that will be used to guide, monitor, and evaluate school improvement. We continue to scale discussions to a broad audience with the use of Thought Exchange. Our strategic plan steering committee has been spearheading focus group discussions with our students and staff. This past week our team engaged in focus group discussions with interested parents and community members. We look forward to continue to identify our priorities and establish the direction for our schools.

Ramapo High School wrapped up the fall play “Girls in the Boat” last week and Indian Hills performed “No One is Alone.” Congratulations to all of our students, staff, and parents that helped make both weekends such a huge success.

I recently had the opportunity to join Mrs. Sibilia’s history class for a presentation by Mr. Delbuono on the 1918 Sayreville Shell Loading Plant explosion. Students were able to learn about important NJ history with time for class discussions on a significant event that happened in New Jersey over a hundred years ago.

The Board of Education recently approved the Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) at the November 28th BOE meeting. DCO Energy provided public presentations in October and November at public Board meetings providing an update on the progress the district has made in planning efforts over the past year. The ESIP program will enable our district to implement LED lighting, solar installation, energy management system, lighting controls, and building envelope improvements with no additional increase to our taxpayers through this program that is sponsored by the State of New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy program. 

There are so many wonderful activities and learning experiences to be proud of at Indian Hills High School and Ramapo High School. We hope you enjoy a glimpse below into what is taking place in our schools. Thank you to our faculty and staff for their dedication, to our students for their commitment, and to our parent community for your support.


Dr. Rui Dionisio

Superintendent of Schools


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Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash