“It’s the essence of our humanity —

to create, to invent, to make our world better.” Ted Dintersmith

March 6, 2022

On February 17, 2022, Ramapo College hosted The Future of Learning: K-12 Insights where Dr. Dionisio was invited to serve on the educational leadership panel to represent Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District and the FLOW community. The event focused on arriving at a better understanding of the experiences and the needs of New Jersey’s K-12 students and K-12 districts. The panel discussions focused on identifying strategies colleges and universities may deploy to support students’ academic pursuits and socioemotional well-being. A sharing of ideas ensued to learn more about ways in which Ramapo College and K-12 school districts may partner for the mutual benefit of our students, our institutions, and the teaching profession. The panelists were: Ms. Melanie Alston-Balaputra, Vice Principal, Bergen County Technical School, Paramus; Dr. Rui Dionisio, Superintendent of Schools, Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District; Mr. Antonio Garcia, Principal, Passaic County Technical Institute; Dr. Thomas Gorman, Superintendent, Ridgewood Public Schools; Ms. Eileen Shafer, M.Ed., Superintendent of Schools, Paterson Public Schools.


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